Islamic Inheritance Calculator Islamic Inheritance Calculator Islamic Inheritance Calculator Islamic Inheritance Calculator Islamic Inheritance Calculator Islamic Inheritance Calculator Islamic Inheritance Calculator

Islamic Inheritance Calculator

About The Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator

The Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator / Program / Software has an interesting story behind its development. The Islamic Inheritance Calculator was not programmed by a team of professionals rather it was programmed by a Professional Lawyer (Advocate Muhammad Waqas) who fortunately has expertise in both the fields i.e. Computer Programming as well as in Islamic Inheritance Law.

The Author / Programmer ("Advocate Muhammad Waqas") of The Islamic Inheritance Calculator observed that the majority of people were unaware of Islamic Inheritance Law and unable to solve Inheritance law and calculation Problems and those who were acquainted with the Islamic Inheritance law were prone to make mistake while calculating the Islamic Inheritance Shares, as it involves Law / rules of Islamic Inheritance and also mathematics for calculating Islamic Inheritance shares.

The Islamic Inheritance Calculator has made the calculation of the shares according to Islamic Inheritance Law and rules much easier than before, because it is very beneficial for all the people having inheritance problems and want to solve the same according to Islamic Inheritance Law, moreover, it is helpful especially, for the lawyers, the judges, the jurists (Mufti), and also for the Research Scholars / Scholars (Ulma e Karam), while they perform their professional duties regarding Islamic Inheritance Distribution.

The Inheritance Calculator was programmed by taking help from The Quran, ahadith and Fiqh Books, beside the mentioned sources there were also plenty of good books on Islamic Inheritance Law in soft as well in hard form, which helped the author /programmer (Advocate Muhammad Waqas) to write algorithm for the Islamic Inheritance Calculator / Program. The Islamic Inheritance Calculator had not been built from one source rather the author (Advocate Muhammad Waqas) had collected different sources / books available in soft as well in hard form.

The Islamic Inheritance Calculator was designed and programmed to solve the problems regarding Islamic Inheritance calculation and law/rules according to different schools of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) i.e. Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i , Hanbali , Imam Ysuf and Imam Muhammad. In each school of Jurisprudence, there are slight as well as great differences on some points regarding Islamic Inheritance distribution, for example, on the rule of Rudd(Doctrine of Reversion ) there are difference of opinion among the four Schools of thought, Hanafi , Shafi adopted the doctrine of Reversion whereas shafi and Maliki did not. The data about the difference of opinions, among different schools of Jurisprudence ( Figh) regarding Islamic Inheritance Share Distribution was collected from different authentic sources .

The OnlineIslamic Inheritance Calculator was programmed to solve / distribute legal Islamic Inheritance Shares in deferent modes, such as the Inheritance Calculator provides the answers of the legal shares in Fractions, simplified fraction as well as expanded fraction, percentages of the shares, and ratio as well. Furthermore, the Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator also distributes the amount, provided by the user, according to the specified calculated Legal Share . Initially the Inheritance Calculator had been programmed to answer only in simplified fraction form, but later on keeping in view the need of the lawyers and the Judges the more modes were introduced to the Islamic Inheritance Calculator.

The special attention was paid to the law and rules according to which the Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator calculated the legal shares, and for the sake of authenticity, clarity and learning, the Inheritance Calculator was programmed to display and generate, all the laws, rules , procedure and mathematics utilized to calculate the shares, according to which the Islamic Inheritance Calculator calculated and distributed the Inheritance shares, so that other might also be able to learn, find out and determine with certainty, what laws or rules were applied to a specific Islamic Inheritance problem.

You may ask any questions, prepositions and problems regarding Islamic Inheritance Calculationr by using Contact Form, and also if you find any errors, mistakes while using Islamic Inheritance Calculator Please Report an error to the author Advocate Muhammad Waqas by using Contact Form.

You may also mail the Author Advocate Muhammad Waqas at Address: Office #14, 1st Floor, Asim Center, Opposite Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Muree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

You may also make a call: +923455919616 or text to the author saying thanks, if you find the Islamic Inheritance Calculator Helpful.